Testimonials from our customers!

Jill and Tim“Tim and I had agreed to host our photo shoot at home — that’s where the most authentic picture of us as a family would come from. Fally embraced our mess and listened to the ideas we had for our scenes, and because she knows us pretty well, was able to contribute thoughtful ideas of her own. We love photographers that can coax our relationship and personalities out clearly enough to capture in a photo, and Fally did just that. We’re still trying to pick our favorite!”

-Jill G.

Megan W.“I could not be happier with the photos that you took of me and my son. You got so many perfect shots that truly captured the activities that my son and I enjoy doing. I appreciated how fast you worked without sacrificing the quality of the photos or making me feel rushed. Thank you for the creative input that you provided with the venues and poses; I didn’t have much of an idea how I wanted to photos to look but your suggestions turned out beautifully. Everything from the initial scheduling to the (very quick) delivery of the finished, retouched photos was done with great professionalism. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion.”

-Megan W.

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